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    Nissan Nismo Juke Challenge

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It’s not taking part that matters, it’s winning!


Challenge your friends to a race with this multiplatform game (iOS, Android).
Enjoy a unique experience and get behind the wheel of Juke NISMO, the very essence of Juke sports.
Race on one of the 6 circuits available and challenge your friends, Facebook and Twitter contacts or players who have downloaded the App. You can choose from various drive modes but you will only achieve the best track time if you are a real champion. Each challenge involves two users on various circuits with the best out of 3 races deciding the winner. Do your utmost to beat your rivals and win points and trophies. It’s the only way to climb up the classification positions.


CLIENT: Nissan; AGENCY: TBWA Italia; PRODUCTION: 101°; YEAR: 2013.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: David Gallo. PRODUCER: Federica Lariccia. DIGITAL SUPERVISOR: Anita Horn. GRAPHIC DESIGN: Emiliano Trapani, Anita Horn, Andrea Mastroluca. LEAD ENGENEER: Andrea Leganza. VFX SUPERVISOR: Benedetto Spada. 3D: Alessio Verolini, Adrian Sroka, Dario Cavaliere. SOUND DESIGN: Gabriele Sanfilippo.