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    Peekaboo Interactive Display

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A new medium and new languages: storytelling becomes showtime


During the Fendi Worldwide meeting 2013, 101° tried out a new medium: the interactive display. The product, Fendi’s Peekaboo, was the physical object around which the digital narration of the content circled.

Creativity, software development and UX were combined to generate a mix with high visual impact, capable of stimulating those present to become engaged, involving the clients and maximizing the full narrative depth of the brand. 


CLIENT: Fendi; AGENCY: Forward; PRODUCTION: 101°; YEAR: 2013

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: David Gallo; PRODUCER: Federica Santoni; ART DIRECTOR: Emiliano Trapani; DIGITAL SUPERVISOR: Anita Horn; LEAD ENGINEER: Andrea Leganza, Anita Horn. GRAPHIC DESIGN: Anita Horn, Margherita Fortuna, Emiliano Trapani. MOTION GRAPHICS: Simone Boccalatte, Simone Gottardo; Alessandro Salomone. SOUND DESIGN: Gabriele Sanfilippo.